This course is designed for all traders. Beginning, novice, and experienced traders alike will be able to simplify the decision making process with a repetitive and reliable YES/NO approach. Simply put, trading areas are either valid or invalid before the trade is ever placed. This helps the trader filter for ideal market conditions, define risk and profit, and more importantly, trade with confidence with the natural behavior of the market
Get ready for an immersive trading experience. The Target Trading Course 2.0 was created to simplify and streamline the Target Trading Process. MTI's team of analysts will be there to help you identify targets through Price Action and Technical Analysis. Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Targets will be identified and you will be provided the strategies to trade them. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Executive or our Product Support Team.
It's time you learned how to DE-CODE the market! Use advanced technical tools on the inside, easy entry trades, stops, and profit targets on the outside. If traders make the decoder a part of their regular trading plan, the tools and trade are all designed for sound equity management and reasonable win percentage for bottom-line success.
Our first course exclusively using the Ultimate Charting Pro is the Momentum Breakout Course. The Sentiment Strength Line (SSL) and Micro Price Detector (MPD) are the powerful indicators are optimal in determining entry and exit points. By putting the 2 together, we have developed a strategy that can be utilized on multiple time frames for multiple trading styles. You'll receive access to the SSL and MPD sets, as well as all of the resources available to you in the Momentum Breakout Course. Review the session recordings to get trading using the simple strategies taught in the Momentum Breakout Course.
MTI brings you a course from the mind of Joshua Martinez. Leveling has been something that has been tapped into and tested and finally is offered to MTI Students. In this course you will learn strategies covering different levels of time in terms of trade length:
  • Short Term Trades | 1-3 Days
  • Medium Term Trades | 30 days (weeks)
  • Long Term Trades | >30 Days (months)
You will learn how to take one entry position and break it down into 5. You'll also be introduced to trading with line charts along with the traditional Japanese Candlestick Charts. You'll tap into a whole new level of trading intelligence.